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Christmas with the Perreault family

There is no secret that the Perreault family is one of my favorites. Heidi contacted me again this year for their holiday pictures and I was happy to oblige. I love to look back and see how much this family has grown. I've been taking pictures of Ren since she was about 8 months old, and with the addition on baby Jack, I can't get enough of this family.

Here is a picture from their session last year, just the three of them

And here they are now, a family of four

We spent the afternoon at a local Christmas tree lot and had plenty of fun wandering through the fresh trees. I am proud to say I had a hand in helping pick the tree! It's a beauty!

Right before heading to the lot I snapped some pictures of Jack in his birthday suit. I can't get enough of this little guy!

Thanks to the Perreault family for letting me capture another year!


Abbie and Kitty

Last weekend my niece Abbie wanted me to come over and do a mini session with her and Kitty. Kitty is old, Kitty is cranky, Kitty has the weirdest meow you have ever heard, but Abbie loves Kitty.


McLellan Family

I had the pleasure to spend a Saturday morning with the McLellan Family at their home in Laguna Beach. This family is fun, easy going and have the two cutest kids!

Dutch is two and big brother to 2 1/2 month old Valentina. I was welcomed with a great big hug from Dutch which made my job that much easier.

These two kids were a pleasure to shoot, but being the boy he is, Dutch had some ants in his pants and didn't want to sit too long with his sister ;) Valentina was the most well behaved 2 1/2 month old, just going along with everything. She was so content and happy.

Thanks to the McLellan family for inviting me into your home and letting me hang out with your cute kiddos!


Kai Magnus

I've been waiting to meet this little guy for a long time, too long. And now that he's finally here I can't get enough of him!

Kai Magnus was born on June 13th, weighed 6.8 pounds, and 19" long.

The proud parents Lene Marie and George are very dear friends of mine and I was honored to take Kai's newborn pictures. I was lucky enough to meet him a few hours after birth and he just couldn't resist my camera :) Kai has the wrinkliest feet, grunts instead of cries when he's hungry, and when he's awake, is the most laid back baby I've met.

I was able to visit again a week later to finish he newborn session and he had already changed so much! Morfar and Mormor (Kai's grandpa and grandma) were lucky enough to fly in from the East Coast a day before his arrival! Talk about timing. So I was able to get some pictures with them as well.

Lene Marie and George are going to be the most caring, patient parents I know. They are a very easy going and thoughtful couple and I am so excited to see what life will bring to their beautiful family. Kai is a very lucky little man. He has a strong Norwegian background and his mom is fluent in Norwegian and English. His dad is a man of all trades. He used to work as a dolphin trainer, a personal trainer, and loves to play out in the ocean on his outrigger.

I can't wait to see Kai grow. I wonder what kind of personality he will have. Goofy and funny like his dad? Caring and sweet like his mom? Either way he will be perfect.

Congratulations to George and Lene Marie!


Baby Jack

The Perreault's added a new addition to their family and I was so excited to meet the new little guy. Jack is the most easy going guy, that did not want to fall asleep and miss anything during his first shoot.

This family is one of my favorites to shoot, and Ren their daughter, is always an easy subject, she's so darn cute! Add the newest addition Jack to the mix and I'm in Heaven.

Ren is so in love with her baby brother. Congrats to the happy family!



I've been waiting for Brayden to arrive for some time.
I was able to see him grow over time in his mama's belly.
Plain and simple, he is perfect.
He's such a good boy, he loves to eat and sleep, and is very content hanging out naked on his changing table. All these things I found out during my visit.
Here is Brayden just 3 weeks old. I'm looking forward to taking more pictures of this little guy and watching him grow.

Congrats to the proud parents Toby and Erika. You may remember them from my favorite engagement sessions.


I've been away...

Working on my new project. It's taking so long, but I will share the details soon. Until then, I wanted to share my new and improved website with you.

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